What color is the hair?
When it comes to virgin hair, every bundle will not be the same as the
next. The hair is a natural brown.

How many bundles do you recommend for a full style? For a fullstyle depending on your head size and what lengths you get. A full headbetween 12-18 inches will require 2 bundles. 20-24 inches will require 3
bundles. 26 inches and up will require 3 or more bundles. (depending on
your desire of fullness) bundles are 3.5 oz

What products to treat the hair?
Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. No heavy conditioners
that will leave your hair oily. If you are experiencing heavy build up use
a clarifying shampoo to strip the oils from the hair and follow up with a
moisturizing conditioner.

How long does the hair last? With the proper care Designer Label
extension can last you up to 12 months.

Can the hair be colored? Yes, our hair is 100% virgin hair. We highly recommend you seek a professional. When dealing with any kind of hair extension piece there is a possibility of minimum shedding. Closure/ Frontals will have minimum shedding, please seek a professional when bleaching knots! If you over process the knots it can cause severe baldness to the hair piece. (EXCHANGE NOR RETURN WILL NOT BE HONORED)

Changes in orders?
Please contact Customer service

Email: DesignerLabelco@gmail.com

Mailing Address: PO BOX 79080 Houston, Tx 77279